Advocacy Issues

See where Tennessee's physicians stand on the most important issues facing their profession, and their patients.

Physician Employment Contracting

TMA is helping physicians avoid potential pitfalls when they choose to practice as employed physicians.


Medicare Audit Fairness

TMA is helping to draft federal legislation to bring fairness and transparency to the Medicare audit process.


False Claims Act Lawsuits Against Supervising Physicians

TMA is helping to defend a physician being sued for alleged illegal billings by his contract physician assistant, and working to stop similar lawsuits.


Health Plan Network Adequacy

TMA believes narrow networks can make it harder for patients to see doctors and make early intervention more difficult.


Medicaid Primary Care Rate Bump Audit

TMA is protesting audits that may jeopardize increased payments some physicians received under a provision of the Affordable Care Act.


National Health Plan Mergers

TMA is opposing two proposed mergers  - one between Aetna and Humana and another between Anthem and CIGNA.