TMA, THA, TMGMA Develop Online Feedback Portal for Payment Reform

February 7, 2017

The Tennessee Medical Association, Tennessee Hospital Association and the Tennessee Medical Group Management Association have partnered to
develop an online portal for gathering feedback from healthcare providers about the state’s payment reform initiative.

Tennessee Healthcare Innovation Initiative is the state’s plan to reduce the costs of healthcare and increase quality for TennCare and state employees. Commonly referred to as “payment reform,” the initiative includes shifting from traditional fee-for-service reimbursements to retrospective payments based on episodes of care. Providers may be able to share in cost savings when total costs for an episode fall below a pre-determined commendable threshold, or face financial penalties if total costs exceed an acceptable threshold.

Because of the complexity of managing episodes of care and the limited data reporting and sharing that currently exists, TMA and THA and TMGMA are offering the portal as a way for physicians and other healthcare providers to submit feedback. Information gathered will help the three organizations clearly identify challenges and opportunities within the existing program and offer suggestions for improvement to the Bureau of TennCare and other state officials.

The online tool – Tennessee Innovation Inform or “Ti2” – allows physicians, practice managers, hospitals and other providers to share feedback about the initiative and specific episodes of care already in place. Categories include payment reconciliation, quarterly metrics and risk adjustments, among others.

The Ti2 website is currently live and ready to accept feedback from healthcare providers. Submitting feedback through the portal is a simple process that requires only a few clicks. Users can share feedback as often as they’d like and/or as an issue or concern arises.

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For more information about Ti2, contact Jim Goodloe at THA at