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An important part of TMA’s goal is its mission to enhance the effectiveness of Tennessee physicians. For TennCare insurance, there are many laws and guidelines to adhere to, and budget cuts can cause certain business and financial chaos for your practice. Our TennCare insurance experts can help ease the confusion, straighten your path into better decision-making, and provide ample guidance to turn negative opportunities into sound business judgments. If you’re experiencing TennCare insurance issues and headaches from insurance carriers, get in touch with our TennCare insurance specialist at Tennessee Medical Association.

One way we fulfill our mission is by providing Tennessee medical practices our robust collection of tools and resources, including relevant headlines, articles, links, and topics designed to inform and educate our clients. Here, you’ll find the latest information on general TennCare information, benefit policies and limits, relevant links and helpful topics, as well as eligibility changes for patients and/or their dependents. We also provide legal points of view in conjunction with our TennCare insurance resources. Showing these two sides of the issue provide a better overview of the issues at hand, helping our members be better educated and more knowledgeable on this important subject. Other helpful resources we provide include our own TMA resource lists and our position on important national and state legislative bills and regulations.

At the Tennessee Medical Association, the quality of health and safety of physicians and their practices are very important, and we make every effort to enhance their ability to practice medicine so that they can take better care of their patients. Our resources and tools are just one part of this mission; our helpful staff is another. To get our insurance professional to assist you in your TennCare insurance issues, simply fill out our form on the right, or use the Contact Us button on the bottom of your browser.

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