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As a member-based organization, the work of the TMA is accomplished through its leadership and committee study and recommendation. Below is a list and description of the TMA’s working committees. Our committees are an extension of the Board of Trustees and are under the direction of the Board. Committee appointments are for one year and begin at each annual meeting of the House of Delegates. If you are interested in serving on any committee or have additional questions or issues for a committee, please contact the committee chair or staff liaison, or email us for more information.





Tennessee Delegation to the AMA
As the nation’s largest physician group, the AMA advocates the issues vital to the nation’s health. Helps doctors help patients by uniting physicians nationwide to work on the most important professional and public health issues. Dr. Donald B. Franklin, Jr.
(423) 826-8000
Russ Miller
Constitution and Bylaws
Maintain oversight of TMA official managing document providing insight and direction as to changes and amendments. Dr. David G. Gerkin
(865) 212-9351
Yarnell Beatty
Public Health
Monitors and addresses issues on health concerns to the public-at-large and the general well-being of our state such as pandemics, flu vaccines, disaster preparedness, health coalition partnerships, rural health access, tobacco, obesity, and the uninsured. Dr. Stuart M. Polly
(901) 321-4128
 Pam Slemp
Professional Relations
Promotes and maintains relationships between the association and other professional organizations; promotes the policies, projects and image of the TMA and oversees the internal and external communications processes between the TMA and its constituencies. Dr. Ronald H. Kirkland
(731) 422-0340
Russ Miller
Develops TMA’s legislative strategies and positions for the TN General Assembly and for Congress. Dr. John W. Hale, Jr.
Union City
(731) 885-5131
Julie Griffin
Directs all facets of TMA’s membership operations including projects for recruitment and retention. Dr. Jerome W. Thompson
(901) 448-5886
Practice Management and Quality
Monitors and addresses issues related to the safe and efficient delivery of medical services and patient care by physicians, practices and issues impacting the business operations of a medical practice, such as e-health records, credentialing, staffing, medico-legal, state and federal rules and regulations, HSAs, HIPAA, and physician extenders. Dr. Benjamin W. Johnson, Jr.
(931) 454-1067
Angela Madden
Yarnell Beatty
Insurance Issues
Monitors and addresses all insurance issues, both government and commercial, affecting physicians, practices and patients in Tennessee. This includes reimbursement, regulation and policy changes, lawsuit settlements, contracting issues, networks, pay for performance, workers compensation, etc. Dr. B Winfred Ruffner, Jr.
Signal Mountain
Phyllis Franklin
Katie Dageforde

Tennessee Delegation to the AMA

Donald B. Franklin, Jr., MD Chair
James C. Fleming, MD Delegate
John J. Ingram, III, MD Delegate
Lee R. Morisy, MD Delegate
Barrett F. Rosen, MD Delegate
Richard J. DePersio, MD, FACS Alternate Delegate
James D. King, MD Alternate Delegate
Wiley T. Robinson, MD, FHM Alternate Delegate
B Winfred Ruffner, Jr., MD Alternate Delegate
Christopher E. Young, MD Alternate Delegate
Russell E. Miller, Jr., CAE TMA Staff Liaison

Constitution and Bylaws

David G. Gerkin, MD Chair
Danielle H. Hassel, MD TMA Board Liaison
Scott D. Jay, MD Member
Robert H. Miller, III, MD Member
Vincent A. Viscomi, MD Member
Charles W. White, Sr., MD Member
Robin Williams, MD Member
Yarnell Beatty TMA Staff Liaison

Public Health

Stuart M. Polly, MD, FACP Chair
Bob Vegors, MD, FACP TMA Board Liaison
Yasmine S. Ali, MD Member
Valerie K. Arnold, MD Member
Oran L. Berkenstock, MD Member
Barry K. Jarnagin, MD Member
Benjamin W. Johnson, Jr., MD Member
Adele M. Lewis, MD Member
James E. Powell, MD Member
William K. Stone, MD Member
Pamela Slemp TMA Staff Liaison
Lorrie Villeneuve Advisor

Professional Relations

Ronald H. Kirkland, MD Chair
Michel A. McDonald, MD TMA Board Liaison
Daniel S. Boyd, MD Member
Elise C. Denneny, MD Member
James W. Haynes, MD Member
Barbara O. Kimbrough, MD Member
Michel A. McDonald, MD Member
Samantha E. McLerran, MD Member
Nita W. Shumaker, MD Member
S. Bobo Tanner, MD Member
Russell E. Miller, Jr., CAE TMA Staff Liaison


John W. Hale, Jr., MD Chair
David L. Armstrong, MD Member
Samuel R. Bastian, MD, FACP, FAAP Member
Elise C. Denneny, MD Member
Robert M. Dimick, MD Member
James K. Ensor, Jr., MD, FACP Member
Robert W. McClure, MD Member
Kathryn M. Potts Member
F. Bronn Rayne, MD Member
Tedford S. Taylor, MD Member
Julie Griffin TMA Staff Liaison
Marcie Barr Advisor


Jerome W. Thompson, MD Chair
Keith G. Anderson, MD TMA Board Liaison
Rodney P. Lewis, MD Member
Matthew L. Mancini, MD Member
Erin L. Rohman, MD Member
Nita W. Shumaker, MD Member
Brett Boyd TMA Staff Liaison

Practice Management and Quality

Benjamin W. Johnson, Jr., MD Chair
James E. Powell, MD TMA Board Liaison
Jeffrey S. Jump, MD Member
Fredric R. Mishkin, MD Member
James E. Powell, MD Member
Perry C. Rothrock, III, MD Member
Yarnell Beatty TMA Staff Liaison
Angela Madden, CHC TMA Staff Liaison

Insurance Issues

B Winfred Ruffner, Jr., MD Chair
Edward W. Capparelli, MD Member
Eric G. Fox, MD Member
Carrie Lynn Morris, MD Member
Charles E. Leonard, MD Member
Sharon M. Piper, MD Member
Jane M. Siegel, MD Member
Iris G. Snider, MD Member
Frederick R. Yarid, MD Member
Phyllis J. Franklin TMA Staff Liaison
Michael J. Raybeck, MD Advisor

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