TMA offers a variety of online and in-person programs to help physicians fill continuing education gaps. From brief videos to leadership training to a large annual conference, our proprietary content helps Tennessee doctors maintain professional licensure and certifications, and improve their competence and knowledge.

Our goals:

  • Assist physicians and healthcare professionals in gaining competency and improving their ability to provide higher quality care to the patients they serve. 

  • Enhance TMA members' clinical leadership to improve overall healthcare in our state.

  • Establish a monitoring process for CME certification and compliance.

  • Reinforce appropriate prescribing behaviors to help combat the prescription drug abuse epidemic.

  • Promote the practice of evidence-based medicine.

Education Offerings

Review the Online CME Library to access more than 100 courses on a variety of topics.
TMA can provide CME Joint Providership for unaccredited organizations.




Spotlight Videos cover topics including the Tennessee Professional Privilege Tax, credentialing law, background checks for medical practices and more.
TriMED comes to Music City Center in Nashville Sept. 14-15, 2018. The summit brings together healthcare groups from across the state to offer more than 60 hours of continuing education on the most critical topics for healthcare providers.

Get accredited training on proper prescribing online or have TMA bring a live training program to your group or hospital

The John Ingram Institute for Physician Leadership offers two programs.


The Physician Leadership Immersion Program teaches foundational leadership skills over the course of a couple of weekends.


The Physician Leadership Lab is a multi-month course featuring both webinars and live meetings focusing on teaching the skills that allow physicians to become leaders in team care settings.


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