House of Delegates

After due consideration, your Board of Trustees has voted to cancel the TMA House of Delegates meeting slated for October 17.

While the rate of spread of the COVID-19 virus is dissipating in areas of the state, we cannot in good conscience authorize the large, in-person assemblage of our physician leaders at this time and do not believe that the environment will improve to a point where delegates will feel safe to participate in a meaningful, productive meeting.  We risk the health of our members and the credibility of our organization by doing so.

Our 2021 Annual Meeting and House of Delegates is slated for May 21-23, 2021.

Any resolutions submitted for 2020 will be carried forth if that is the will of the author. Instructions regarding new resolution submission will be posted on the HOD website in 2021 and communicated to the members or the House. We will continue to communicate with you as we have new information.

July 2020 Board of Trustees Meeting

The TMA Board of Trustees held its annual meeting on July 25 in Franklin, Tennessee, via video conferencing for all but approximately 40 ex-officio delegates and staff in attendance. The meeting provided physicians across the state an opportunity to gather as a professional group to consider the policies that affect the practice of medicine and the delivery of patient care in both Tennessee and the United States.  

This July gathering was recorded as an “in person” meeting, although delegates and the membership at large were encouraged to participate remotely due to continued COVID-19 safety precautions. Speaker Capparelli and Vice-Speaker Leonard led our distinguished delegates through an abbreviated agenda, with required reports delivered to the House of Delegates and officer transitions occurring immediately following the House sessions.

Tabled resolutions for debate and action will be addressed at the next House of Delegates meeting in October.

We appreciate your understanding and support of the Association during these unprecedented times. Together, we are endeavoring to do the work of the membership and respect the decorum of our House of Delegates. Please watch your emails and check this web page for updates.

2020 RESOLUTIONS