Legal Issues

See where Tennessee's physicians stand on the most important issues facing their profession, and their patients.

Tennessee Health Care Innovation Initiative (Payment Reform)

TMA has advocated since 2012 to improve the design and implementation of the state's move from fee-for-service to a payment model based on episodes of care.


Reducing Administrative Hassles

TMA sees the transition to the Trump administration as an opportunity to advocate for repeal of provisions of federal laws and regulations that have little value but cost time and money for physicians in order to comply.


Relieving Physician Credentialing Issues

TMA is working on solutions to relieve physicians from the grind of repetitive paperwork required for credentialing with health plans. Eliminating redundancy and establishing some consistency in processes would save doctors time and money.


Health Plan Network Adequacy

TMA believes narrow networks can make it harder for patients to see doctors and make early intervention more difficult.


Physician Employment Contracting

TMA is helping physicians avoid potential pitfalls when they choose to practice as employed physicians.


Medicaid Primary Care Rate Bump Audit

TMA has advocated since 2015 with state and federal legislators, TennCare representatives, and directly with CMS regarding a federally-mandated audit of primary care providers who received enhanced Medicaid payments in 2013 and 2014 under a provision of the ACA. TennCare has moved to recoup $7.5 million from some PCPs in Tennessee due to arbitrary criteria stipulated in federal regulations.