2019 TMA Leadership Elections Regional Nominating Committee

The members of the Nominating Committee are appointed and certified by the elected board members from each of the eight TMA regions. The Committee ensures that there are enough candidates to fill the slate of required numbers of open positions for all offices.

The TMA president will convene the Nominating Committee during the month of November and the Committee will report its list of candidates by Dec. 1. The president is an ex-officio and non-voting member of the Nominating Committee.

The Nominating Committee may convene any meeting by electronic means at the discretion of the President.

In the event of a vacancy of any Trustee or Councilor with an unexpired term, the Nominating Committee will also convene and appoint a qualified member as defined in the TMA Bylaws to fill the balance of the term.

Region 1: Lisa Usdan, MD | lisausdan@gmail.com

Region 2: John Hale, Jr., MD | johnhale50@gmail.com

Region 3: Brad Bullock, MD | bbullock@csimp.net

Region 4: Richard Soper, MD |rsopermd@gmail.com

Region 5: Leslie Treece, MD | ltreecemd@gmail.com

Region 6: Shauna Lorenzo-Rivero, MD | Shauna.Lorenzo-Rivero@universitysurgical.com

Region 7: Neil Coleman, MD | ncolemanmd@gmail.com

Region 8: Doug Springer, MD | springer2nd@gmail.com