Healthcare Law Guide Directory

In its goal to assist members with legal and regulatory issues, the Tennessee Medical Association has developed its online Healthcare Law Guide. Over the years the Healthcare Law Guide has become the most accessed and, according to members, one of the most valuable tools provided by the Association. This members-only feature is a repository of research and expert legal opinion developed by staff addressing a multitude of legal issues impacting the practice of medicine and patient care.

Healthcare Law Guide entries are arranged alphabetically and cover a host of topics in areas that include health reform provisions and mandates, state and federal laws and regulations, regulatory agency oversight, insurance contracts, reimbursement and managed care questions, staffing and personnel issues, areas of liability and responsibility, as well as ad hoc issues that physicians and practice staff have sought guidance on from the TMA. Topics are updated regularly as needed to reflect changes in the law that our members need to know.

As always, we provide personal legal assistance to physicians who join the TMA as a benefit of membership. Contact the TMA Legal Department with your questions at 800-659-1862 or

DISCLAIMER:  The following information is for educational purposes only as a service to TMA members from the Legal Department.  It is not, and should not be construed as, legal advice.  TMA cannot represent you in your individual capacity.  You should consult your personal attorney for legal advice and/or representation.