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TMAtelemed is a virtual care platform exclusively for TMA member physicians. The telemedicine solution allows you to deliver more convenient patient care and create new revenue streams in an increasingly competitive, technology-driven healthcare market. 

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TMAtelemed Adds New, COVID-19 Free Screening Tool for Physicians and Patients

March 25, 2020 

Due to the recent outbreak of the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic, TMAtelemed has launched a new screening tool to provide physicians a more efficient method to complete COVID-19 triage. Patients and physicians can rapidly deduce if the symptoms they are experiencing require a visit to the office, ER, or if at-home isolation is recommended.

“TMA’s partnership with Synct gives us the opportunity to give our members a vetted product to help them and their practices, especially now when time is of the essence,” said Russ Miller, TMA CEO.  “Patients and providers can quickly and efficiently make the best call on whether your  symptoms, recent travels, or interactions with others are cause for concern and action.”

TMAtelemed COVID-19 Free Screening Tool leads the patient through a series of CDC recommended questions and is delivered electronically  to a TMAtelemed registered physician of choice, or to his/her personal physician if the physician is using TMAtelemed.  The physician reviews the patient information and recommends the appropriate care response; including whether testing is necessary, and the appropriate setting for care – a telemedicine visit, office visit, or visit to the emergency department. The result is convenience, efficiency, and safety for the patient, physician, and community.

See TMA’s recent information regarding insurance coverage and coding for telemedicine.

Patient and physician users must have a free TMAtelemed account. To register, visit Questions on the Synct platform or to get started, contact Tera Broaddrick at 205-215-3060.




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