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TMA is a strategic investment for large physician group practices that want to participate in and directly influence how medicine is regulated at the state and national levels. We fill a unique role that benefits both the physician and his or her group, taking on the big issues to help groups protect their business interests and give their physicians opportunities to grow and excel in the workplace.

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Christy Reeves
Membership Manager


We all win when we work together.

  • Physician member headcount to influence TMA policy and advocacy direction at the local and state levels, from the Legislative Committee to the Board of Trustees to the House of Delegates, and participate in federal advocacy issues, where appropriate.

  • Access to TMA President, Board Chair and executive staff about issues impacting medicine in Tennessee, including collaboration on advocacy issues affecting your practice.

  • Physician-focused leadership training programs that advance your doctors’ professional development and directly support quality improvement projects in your group practice environment.

  • Full office staff access to TMA resources including insurance advocacy services, legal reference materialonline education and TMA staff resources.