Contact TMA About Medicare Revalidation Issues

August 4, 2017

Medicare participating providers are required to revalidate their enrollment with Medicare every five years. The Affordable Care Act established new screening requirements for new and existing providers. As a result, providers in Tennessee have been required to revalidate through Cahaba GBA, the MAC for Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia, throughout the last few years.

For physicians who have not recently submitted a revalidation form through Cahaba, you can check your revalidation due date on the CMS website through its lookup tool. The data in this list is updated regularly.

TMA has recently heard from several practices who have experienced issues with revalidation, either through an error in Cahaba’s system or through an inadvertent clerical mistake on the revalidation form. In some cases these errors have resulted in the physician’s Medicare number being terminated or Medicare claims being denied or pended. It often takes months for Cahaba to fix the issue, if it is fixed at all.

If a physician in your practice has experienced similar revalidation issues, please contact the TMA Legal Department at TMA has an Escalated Inquiry Process for handling hassles with Cahaba GBA.