MEMBER ALERT - New Laws Effective July 2021

June 7, 2021

The following new laws enacted by the 2021 General Assembly are effective July 1, 2021 and may be of special interest to physicians since they could require action or reporting. Others are for information only. Contact the TMA Legal Department at 800-659-1862, ext. 1645 or at if you have any questions.

Action Required by Physicians

  • Bathroom SignagePC 453
    Any practice with a public restroom that allows a member of either biological sex to use it must post a notice at the entrance of the restroom. For the requirements of the sign, see our Law Guide topic titled Posters Required in a Physician’s Office.
  • Patient Threat or Attempt to Harm Self – PC 259
    If any patient in the hospital or emergency room expresses an attempt at suicide or to hurt himself/herself to a licensed healthcare provider, the following action is required unless the patient is discharged to another facility:
    • Enter the information into the patient's medical record; and
    • The facility must provide the patient with contact information to: A) A qualified mental health counseling resource; or B) A qualified mental health professional; or C) Tennessee’s mobile crisis services; or D) Tennessee’s crisis hotline.
    A provider that violates this requirement is subject to discipline by his/her licensing board.

Information Only – No Reporting/Action Required by Physicians

  • Offense of Sexual Battery PC 509
    A healthcare professional, whether licensed by the state or not, commits the offense of sexual battery if sexual contact occurs with the victim during a consult, exam, treatment, therapy, or other provision of professional services. Sexual battery is a Class E felony.