April 30, 2020

The Tennessee Medical Association has been working with Governor Lee’s administration on the expiration of Executive Order 25. When Executive Order 25 expired on April 30th 2020, the prohibition on non-essential medical procedures expired with it. This means that those procedures can now be done. 

However, it is paramount that a physician or medical practice is responsible to evaluate their preparedness to reopen and set up proper safe operations procedures. If this cannot be done, then the practice should remain closed or risk licensure action by the department.

 Below you will find links for two guidance documents. One for guidance submitted to the administration for non-essential procedures performed in a hospital setting; the second is a link that is an addendum that sets forth guidelines for non-essential procedures in a non-hospital setting. 

These guidelines are to be taken under advisement in tandem with the CDC guidelines and not to stand alone. 

Hospital based procedures Non-hospital based procedures