Statement on Racism and Health Disparities

June 11, 2020

As physicians, we have dedicated ourselves to caring for all persons from every race, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, religion, occupation, economic circumstances, legal standing or any other social situations.  Our hearts are broken at the brutal killings of Mr. George Floyd and others and we condemn the actions of those involved.  

We regret the pain and fear that has resulted across our country as many people continue to feel marginalized and threatened.  We long for real healing and cooperation rather than rhetoric, violence, and hate. 

We are opposed to racism in all forms. Physicians are healers and looked to as community leaders and we are taking steps as an organization to help our members use these opportunities to help support needed change in our profession and communities.  

Tennessee Medical Association physicians continue to work to mitigate the negative effects of social determinants of health which leave some more vulnerable than others.  Death and diseases (like COVID-19) remain our common enemy and we work tirelessly to ensure we provide the best medical care possible to all Tennesseans. 

 -TMA Board of Trustees