TMA Announces Results of the 2021 Leadership Elections

March 4, 2021

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – The results of the TMA 2021 Leadership Elections have been finalized. This election period began on Feb. 1 and closed on Feb. 28. TMA members have chosen a new President-Elect and filled several positions on the TMA Board of Trustees and Judicial Council.

Edward W. Capparelli, MD | Jacksboro

TMA Board of Trustees
Region 1: O. Lee Berkenstock, MD, FAAFP | Cordova
Region 3: Amy M. Suppinger, MD | Franklin
Region 6: Joseph Eugene Huffstutter, MD | Chattanooga
Region 8: Landon Combs, MD | Gray

TMA Judicial Council
Region 2: Claude J. Pirtle, MD, MS | Jackson
Region 4: Robin Williams, MD | Nashville
Region 6: J. Mack Worthington, MD | Chattanooga
Region 8: Howard Herrell, MD | Greenville

The results of this election were certified this week by the TMA Election Committee. Formal installations for all new officers will take place during the annual meeting of the TMA House of Delegates on May 22, 2021 in Nashville. TMA members learn more about the upcoming meeting at