TMA Statement on Governor Lee’s Stay at Home Order

April 2, 2020
The Tennessee Medical Association (TMA) appreciates and applauds Governor Lee’s Stay at Home order issued today. We all understand and recognize the gravity of this decision and the impact on our state. We are grateful that the Governor has made the tough decision that we believe is the right strategy to protect our citizens.
Staying at home is our best weapon against COVID-19, and with cases starting to rise more rapidly,  implementation now is Tennessee’s best chance to return to business as usual as quickly as possible.
It is reassuring to the medical community that the State is ramping up alternative site plans and calling for available health care workers to step forth and assist us to prepare to meet the peak demand facing us in the coming days. Besides flattening the curve of new patient COVID-19 cases, physicians, nurses, and other health care professionals on the front line of this battle will be better protected to take care of the citizens of our great state. This will be the most effective mechanism yet to slow the virus and hopefully prevent a truly overwhelming influx of critically ill patients in our healthcare system.
This new Executive Order takes the most aggressive step of closing all non-essential business, limits travel and requires all citizens to stay at home unless essential to health and safety.
TMA and Tennessee physicians reiterate the Governor’s call for citizens to stay at home for the health of all Tennesseans.

Elise C. Denneny, MD
Tennessee Medical Association