Ti2 Feedback Echoes Fundamental Issues with Episodes of Care

October 5, 2017

Recent feedback on the Ti2 online feedback tool lends weight to physicians’ major concerns with the design and implementation of the TennCare episodes of care payment model.

Designated physician quarterbacks and other healthcare providers, including hospital administrators and medical group managers, have received the final reports from the MCOs for 2016 and voiced their concerns via Ti2. Three primary issues continue to surface, according to the feedback: 

  • Episodes are being aggregated to the wrong provider; 

  • Quality data submitted to providers differs greatly from the data given to payers; and  

  • Quarterbacks are being held accountable for things beyond their control, such as negotiating drug costs.

TMA is committed to addressing physicians’ mounting frustrations and concerns about data collection, data reporting and accuracy, and overall transparency of the program.

The State has not implemented many important recommendations from physicians who have voluntarily served on Technical Advisory Groups, and has either ignored or not appropriately acted upon our repeated calls for improvements to the program design and implementation.

TMA encourages all physician members to consider adding their voice and encouraging their colleagues to submit their thoughts via Ti2. Providers can submit comments as often as needed. More comments and data will allow TMA and other partnering organizations to identify and communicate specific challenges with the TennCare Bureau as part of the ongoing push for much-needed improvements.

The Ti2 tool was launched earlier this year through a partnership between TMA, the Tennessee Hospital Association, Tennessee Medical Group Management Association and Tennessee Association of Mental Health Organizations.

For more information about TMA’s position and advocacy efforts on episodes of care, visit tnmed.org/episodes.