Use the Tennessee Drug Card to Reduce Patients’ Medication Costs

July 18, 2017

According to a recent CBS news report, “27 percent of people between ages 50 to 80 call the cost of their medications a burden and only 51 percent say they bring it up with their doctor.” For those who did bring up the cost of their medications with their doctor, 67 percent say their physician recommended a more affordable option.

TMA reminds physicians about the cost-saving Tennessee Drug Card. This is a free prescription assistance program that you and your patients can use to save on medications. The program is available to those without insurance and to those with high deductible plans or medication not covered under their health plan. The program can help save up to 75% off the retail price for brand and generic FDA-approved medications. This program is HIPAA compliant and requires no personal information to be given in order to get the discount.

Doctors or patients can print the Tennessee Drug Card for free at or request cards for their office to display by contacting Natalie Meyer at 888.987.0688 or