Workers’ Comp Ebill Requirement Goes Live in a Month

May 22, 2018

Effective on July 1, 2018, physicians are required to submit workers’ compensation claims electronically for payment to workers’ compensation carriers. Practices that have not already done so should test these capabilities with the payers with whom they deal most often in order to be ready for the go-live date. The first step is to explore Practice Management Software and their Electronic Medical Records capabilities then contact their present commercial billing clearinghouse.

Physician practices are exempt if they have ten (10) or fewer employees or submit fewer than 120 bills in the prior year for Tennessee workers’ compensation claims. Payers are exempt if they processed fewer than 250 bills for Tennessee claims in the past year.

If a physician feels that it would create an undue fiscal hardship to ebill workers’ compensation claims, the physician may apply to the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation for an exemption. To apply for the exemption, the organization’s authorized representative should submit in writing its rationale, Tax ID number, and supporting documentation to . The rationale should be on the organization’s own letterhead and be addressed to Bureau Administrator, Abbie Hudgens.

Both the Bureau and TMA have resources on their websites. The best resource for practices is the explanatory guide found at .

The TMA Board of Trustees attempted to obtain a delay of the go-live date but it was not feasible. The TMA legal department believes that the Bureau will be understanding about snags and growing pains as long as physicians are making efforts to comply and will not be rigid in the imposition of penalties at first. Attempts to test and work out bugs before July 1 would be a way to demonstrate good faith in trying to comply.

Find more information here. Monitor TMA weekly news notices for further information about the workers’ compensation ebilling requirement implementation.