The TMA Board of Trustees in 2018 embarked on a comprehensive strategic planning process to propel the organization into the next decade, and beyond.

After several months of reviewing historical data, evaluating current trends and projecting future market dynamics, the Board decided that TMA must make significant changes to ensure the association’s long-term financial strength and relevance among Tennessee physicians.

Beginning in 2019, TMA will re-focus on its core values and chart a clear path for sustainable growth and success as the state’s largest and most influential advocacy organization for doctors.

  1. Strengthen TMA’s position as THE advocate for doctors and patients in Tennessee by narrowing our focus on our core values and mission

  2. Address changes in the physician practice environment so we can better understand and engage diverse physicians and fuel membership growth

  3. Grow membership to increase our voice in health policy and advocacy and support fiscal strength

  1. Supporting Tennessee physicians
    advocating for good healthcare policies, rules and regulations, and eliminating or alleviating the hassles of practicing medicine

  2. Advocating for patients
    standing up when government and/or insurance companies interfere with the doctor-patient relationship and threaten quality care

  3. Maintaining fiscal strength
    running the nonprofit organization as a business with strategic, efficient and effective operations

  1. Advocacy
    TMA’s clear strength and competitive edge is advocacy. That identity has to be reinforced through every other facet of operations. TMA cannot be all things to all doctors, but we will be laser-focused on influencing laws, rules and regulations, and business practices, governing medicine in the State of Tennessee.

  2. Communication
    TMA must differentiate itself with a compelling value proposition in an increasingly competitive and fragmented market. Not all doctors care about advocacy, but advocacy benefits all doctors.

  3. Diversity
    TMA needs a strategic, proactive way to recruit and engage leaders who better represent Tennessee’s diverse medical community (age, gender, ethnicity, specialty and practice environment) and will drive the organization in the future.

  4. County Society Roles
    TMA must reexamine and renovate its internal structure to eliminate redundancies, avoid internal competition and be better stewards of members’ dues.

  5. Strengthening relationships with medical specialty societies
    TMA must proactively engage state-level specialty organizations in advocacy and other strategic, collaborative initiatives that align with our core mission and benefit our respective physician members.