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  2. Changes Made to Tennessee's Certificate of Need Law: What You Need to Know

Changes Made to Tennessee's Certificate of Need Law: What You Need to Know

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Certificate of Need
In 2024, the Tennessee General Assembly made substantive changes to Tennessee’s certificate of need law. These changes and the current law are discussed in our Law Guide topic, Certificate of Need.

Noncompete Agreements Law Guide Topic  
In April 2024, the FTC issued final noncompete rules. Section 910.2 of the FTC declares most noncompete agreements to be “unfair methods of competition” and therefore a violation of Section 5 of the FTC Act for employers to enter into noncompete agreements with workers after the effective date.  TMA’s Law Guide topic, Noncompete Agreements, has been updated to reflect the new rules.  Member login required to access.

Advance Directives
Tennessee’s Health Care Decisions Act regulates advance directives (i.e., DNR, feeding tube, assisted breathing) and appointment of a health care agent for a patient. Review our Law Guide topic, Health Care Decisions Act, for a full discussion of this law. Click here to access the Advance Directive Form and Physician Orders for Scope of Treatment Form on the website for the Tn Health Facilities Commission. 

Credentialing Law Guide
For several years, TMA advocated for passage of legislation to allow physicians going through the credentialing process to be reimbursed for services provided during the process. TMA members need to review our Guide to the 2015 Credentialing Law to be aware of the nuances in this law in order to take advantage of its benefits.

Law Guide
TMA’s Healthcare Law Guide, accessible only to members, is a repository of research developed by staff addressing a multitude of legal issues impacting the practice of medicine and patient care.  Any questions should be directed to  Member login required.   

Prescription Laws 
TMA's Law Guide topic, Prescription Laws, is an exhaustive document that details the requirements for issuing and dispensing prescriptions, including material requirements, physician requirements, and reporting. It discusses in detail Tennessee law for issuing opioid prescriptions and the requirement to issue all controlled prescriptions electronically.  Member login required to access.

Volunteer Physicians & CME
Tennessee physicians may claim up to eight hours of CME credit for providing volunteer health care services under the aegis of a qualified sponsoring organization.  For all the details, see section II. B. of our Law Guide topic, Continuing Medical Education.



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