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Member Alert: Laws Effective Immediately

April 22, 2022

The following new laws enacted by the 2022 General Assembly are effective and may be of special interest to physicians since they could require action or reporting. Others are for information only. Contact the TMA Legal Department at 800-659-1862, ext. 1645 or with any questions.

Action Required by Physicians

Medical & Religious Exemption to COVID-19 VaccinePC 644
When an employer is allowed under Tennessee law to require an employee to provide proof of a COVID-19 vaccination, certain requirements related to exemption requests must be met. Review our Law Guide topic, COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates and Physician Practices, to be sure your practice is in compliance with this law.

Death Certificates – Military Veterans SB 2306 (PC not assigned)
In certain circumstances before completing the death certificate, the military medical records must be reviewed for a deceased patient that is a veteran. Review the Law Guide topic, Death, to fully understand the circumstances and the obligations of the physician completing the certificate.


Information Only – No Reporting or Action Required by Physicians

Telemedicine: Audio-Only Reimbursement PC 766
In specific situations, a physician can treat a patient via an audio-only conversation and receive reimbursement from the insurer as if the service was provided via telemedicine. Effective 4/8/2022.

Telemedicine: Payment Parity – PC 766
The requirement for insurance plans to pay a telemedicine visit at the same amount as an in-person visit was due to automatically expire on 4/1/2022. Legislation actively lobbied by TMA deleted this provision from law. This requirement will continue. Effective 4/1/2022. TMA’s Law Guide topic, Telemedicine, has been updated with these changes.

Veterans’ Day SB 2879 (PC not assigned)
A veteran employee shall be allowed to take Veteran’s Day as an unpaid holiday if certain requirements are met and the employer makes a determination that it will not adversely impact the business or public health. See our Law Guide topic titled, Laws Impacting Physician Practice.