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Time to Rethink Your Investment Decisions?

A message from TMA Medical Banking, a TMA corporate partner

July 20, 2022

Recent economic headlines have included:

  • Inflation – It hit another 40-year high with the June Consumer Price Index showing a 9.1-percent increase in the cost of living over the past year.
  • Rising interest rates – To combat inflation, the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) continued its path of raising the Federal Funds rate, which influences interest rates throughout the market. Many are anticipating a one-percent increase by the FOMC in late July (bringing the range up to 2.75 percent) with further increases anticipated between 3.8 percent-4.5 percent or higher throughout 2023.
  • Recession – With the combination of the above, economists are increasingly projecting a recession by early 2023 as consumer spending and business investment slow.

There is plenty else that could be mentioned as cause and effect of the above, but let us cut to the chase: what does this mean for you? In addition to more expensive food, fuel and housing, at least in the short term, you may be rethinking your personal and practice investment decisions. Should you?

As of now, we continue to see large deal flow with our pipeline at a record size. More questions are being asked and historical and projected numbers are receiving more stress testing. But good deals continue forward. .

In this time of economic uncertainty, TMA Medical Banking’s suggestion is to lean on your trusted partners – your CPA, financial advisor, banker, attorney, and others – as you evaluate both your challenges and opportunities. Ask more questions, stress test your budget, and analyze assumptions. The Practice expansion consideration, for instance, may cost more in buildout, furniture, equipment, and staffing costs, and still be a great investment.

As a healthcare focused bank, we are here to help – we are not trying to sell you anything you don’t need but rather serve as a financial advocate and resource as you carefully consider capital decisions. Let us know how we can help.

Reach out to James Nicholson at with questions.