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TMA Accepting Interest in Medical Licensing Board Service

April 4, 2022

Nashville, TN — The Tennessee Medical Association annually submits lists of nominees to the governor for appointment to the Tennessee Board of Medical Examiners (BME). The BME is a state agency under the aegis of the Tennessee Department of Health responsible for evaluating the qualifications for medical doctor (MD) licensure, promulgating rules of practice, developing medical practice policy, and for disciplinary actions against medical doctor licensees. The position is voluntary with reimbursement only for travel expenses and lodging related to service; no honoraria.

In 2022, there are two East Tennessee and one West Tennessee seats up for appointment. TMA has been notified that one the members up for reappointment does not wish to be reappointed. That physician, Dr. Phyllis Miller, is from Southeast Tennessee, but TMA must submit three (3) nominees per position. Terms are for five years. BME members are expected to spend 2-3 days in Nashville at meetings every other month and review voluminous meeting materials ahead of each meeting. There is immunity under state employee immunity laws for BME service.

Any TMA member MD interested in nomination for appointment to the BME should submit his/her CV or resume to TMA’s staff liaison to the BME, Yarnell Beatty at before the end of April 2022. Candidates will also receive state mandated paperwork to complete and possibly a TMA questionnaire to complete as part of the nominee vetting process.