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TMA Board of Trustees October Meeting Summary

October 25, 2022

Nashville, TN — The TMA Board of Trustees convened on Saturday, Oct. 22 in Nashville for its quarterly meeting. The following is a summary of discussions and actions taken. The next meeting of the Board is scheduled for Jan. 7.

  • The Board voted to create a steering committee to direct the activities planned to cause change to the prior authorization practices by health insurance companies in Tennessee. Identified as significant issues impeding care to patients and increasing costs to practices, TMA hopes to reduce delays in care and the hassles of providing recurring services for patients.
  • TMA will use a new voting software for its 2023 statewide and regional leadership elections. Information and credentials will be sent to the membership in January in preparation for the February elections.
  • The Board approved a communications plan with information to educate members on proper procedures to confidentially report practices not adhering to the rules and regulations of collaboration agreements between physicians and allied health providers. This action is a result of TMA Resolution 16-22.
  • TMA’s legislative agenda for next session has been modified to add action to address the unintended consequences of the No Surprises Act regarding balance billing to patients by out-of-network providers. Many member groups have been targeted by large health insurance companies to amend current network contracts cutting reimbursement significantly or risk removal from networks. Other legislative priorities are efforts to preserve physicians’ ability to lead patient care and opposing unsafe scope of practice expansion by mid-level providers, prior authorization reform, physician wellness and making improvements to the state’s abortion “trigger” law.
  • Approved a new strategic plan focused on expanding and improving Tennessee’s physician workforce, fortifying the association’s finances, and strengthening its advocacy program and results for the membership. Physician wellness and wellbeing will be a significant area of activity under the plan.
  • The Board tentatively approved an operational budget for 2023.
  • The Board continues to meet with various groups to learn more about programs and opportunities to decrease incidents of death and violence from improper firearms storage.
  • The next All Member Virtual meeting will discuss the state’s abortion “trigger” law, its impact on care for Tennesseans, issues members are facing and potential solutions. The meeting is set for Nov. 1 at 6:30 pm CT. Register here