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TMA Members to Benefit from New Preferred Partners



The Tennessee Medical Association is proud to announce two new preffered partners, A-S Medication Solutions (ASM) and PatientLock. Both will offer valuable, practice-benefiting services at discounted costs to TMA members. 

ASM is excited to offer in-practice pharmecutical services that benefit both the patient and the practice alike. As the leading provider of on-site dispensing, ASM currently services over 3,600 provider dispensing sites as well as several on-site and near site closed system pharmacies. They are registered with the FDA, DEA and licensed with all 50 states and focuses on a closed system distribution model capable of providing medications to both clinics and pharmacies at all levels of service. In addition, ASM is VAWD accredited with NABP, which validates a secure medical supply chain at the highest levels by the prestigious national association of boards of pharmacy.

ASM is fully committed to partnering with clinics and medical providers who are bringing healthcare to those that need it most by providing medication dispensing on site for all patients. TMA members and their patients can potentially save 30-40% in drug spend savings. 

PatientLock, a healthcare cybersecurity and compliance company, is on a mission to meet the needs of the smaller healthcare organizations, yet they are fully equipped to meet the needs of large medical centers, such as an academic medical center. PatientLock makes enterprise-grade cybersecurity technology and services affordable to any size of healthcare organization, acting as a force-multiplier to a practices existing IT-resource.

With cybersecurity becoming a growing need and of heightened importance in the healthcare field, PatientLock is ready to serve the needs of TMA member practices and medical groups. With this new partnership, TMA members receive a special 20% discount on cybersecurity products and services from PatientLock. 

These new services will allow TMA members to recieve incresed value by taking advantage of the offerings. For questions, please reach out to TMA's Associate Director of Marketing, Sales, Morgan Ripley at