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2022-23 Donors

Capitol Hill Members | $1,000+

Newton Allen, MD; Michelle Allmon, MD; Keith Anderson, MD; Patrick Andre, MD; Laura Andreson, MD; John Binhlam, MD; M. Bart Bradley, MD; Daniel Bustamante, MD; Edward Capparelli, MD; Anuj Chandra, MD; Cathy Chapman, MD; Deborah Christiansen, MD; Landon Combs, MD; Dale Criner, MD; Clint Cummins; Brian Daley, MD; Elise Denneny, MD; Barbara Dentz, MD; Mark Dentz, MD; Tracey Doering, MD; Walter Fletcher, MD; David Gerkin, MD; James Gray, MD; John Hale, MD; Omar Hamada, MD; Cara Hennings, MD; Howard Herrell, MD; Joseph Huffstutter, MD; Melissa Johnson, MD; William Johnson, MD; Elizabeth Kasper; Ronald Kirkland, MD; Giri Korivi, MD; Jyostna Korivi, MD; Ken Kozawa, MD; Trey Lee, MD; Charles Leonard, MD; Adele Lewis, MD; Rodney Lewis, MD; Donald Lovelace, MD; Matthew Mancini, MD; Chris Marshall, MD; John McCarley, MD; Patrick McFarland, MD; Sara McFarland; Alvin Meyer, MD; Russ Miller; Pamela Murray, MD; Lotika Pandit, MD; Cynthia Pectol; Steve Peterson, MD; Carmen Powell; Wiley Robinson, MD; Adrian Rodriguez, MD; David Roe, MD; Perry Rothrock, MD; Michael Rothwell, MD; Nicole Schlechter, MD; John Schneider, MD; John Scott, MD; Brett Smith, DO; Sarah Smith, MD; David Steed; Kirk Stone, MD; Tedford Taylor, MD; Leslie Treece, MD; Susan Vegors; Andy Walker, MD; Andrew Watson, MD; Charles White Jr. MD; Turney Williams, MD; Carl Willis, MD; George Woodbury, MD; Chris Young, MD

Advocate Members | $500+

Michael Bearb, MD; Lee Berkenstock, MD; Michelle Cochran, MD; Richard Hall, MD; Ashley Huff, MD; Robert Kerlan, MD; Kristen McFarland, MD; M. Kevin Smith, MD; Amy Suppinger, MD; Marta Wayt, DO

Sustaining Members | $250+

A. Julian Ahler, MD; Krystyna Alimurka, MD; Neil Barry, DO; John Beuerlein, MD; Amy Gordon Bono, MD; Glenn Booth, MD; Robert Bowers, MD; Daniel Box, MD; Vic Braren, MD; Mary Jane Brown, MD; William Bucy, MD; James Burns, MD; Robert Casey, MD; Barton Chase III, MD; Thomas Clayton, MD; Stephen Combs, MD; Caroline Cooley, MD; Matthew Dobias, MD; Dennis Duck, MD; Barbara Ebel, MD; Jesse Ehrenfeld, MD; Michael Feldman, MD; Charles Fulk, MD; Charles Goodman, MD; Jan Hahn, MD; Robert Hays, MD; George Hill, MD; Jonathan Hughes, MD; Greta Jernigan; John Johnson, MD; Someswara Karri, MD; Fred Knickerbocker, MD; Clyde Kyle, MD; John Lacey, MD; Richard Lane, MD; Gregory Laurence, MD; David LaVelle, MD; David Litchford, MD; Keith Lovelady, MD; Daniel Martin, MD; Michael McAdoo, MD; Edward McIntire, MD; F. Michael Minch, MD; Kate Moloney, DO; Donald Moore, MD; Ken Moore, MD; Christopher Montville, MD; Nell Nestor, MD; Patrick O’Brien, MD; Ronald Overfield, MD; Emily Overholser, MD; Hayden Parr; Akshita Patel; John Proctor, MD; Byron Robison, MD; Jessica Scotchie, MD; Amber Shirley; Dorothy Sinard, MD; Richard Soper, MD; Janet Stastny, DO; Christopher Thacker, MD; Bill Thompson, MD; Alexander Townes, MD; Kimberly Vincent, MD; Robert Walter, MD; James Warmbrod, MD; Thomas Weldon, MD; Sean White, MD; David Wiles, MD; Laura Witherspoon, MD; Jesse Woodall, MD

Corporate Donors

Association of University Radiologists; Mid-South Imaging & Therapeutics; Radiology Alliance; The Jackson Clinic PAC; Women’s Group of Franklin