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Take full advantage of your membership by utilizing these informative resources from our corporate and affinity partners.



Agility is a leading innovator and investor in global supply chains. It provides logistics and managed services to governments, businesses, international organizations, and relief groups around the world. Tennessee Medical Association-affiliated practices will receive a five percent discount on their purchase with discount code “TMAPPE” during the checkout process.


Rx4Miracles can help relieve the “sticker shock” your patients feel each time they pay for a prescription. The Rx4Miracles Prescription Savings Card provides savings for both brand and generic medications, requires no enrollment, no income requirements and is open to everyone. Rx4Miracles also generates funds which go back to Children's Miracle Network Hospitals to support their efforts to improve and change pediatric healthcare and its impact on kids, families, and communities. Funds granted through our partnership with Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals help deliver specialized care, critical research, equipment, and resources necessary for hospital teams to provide life-saving care to the children in our community. Click here to view a flyer with more information.


The Tennessee Medical Foundation administers the Physician’s Health Program, started by TMA in 1978. The program helps troubled physicians suffering from chemical dependencies. TMF is focused on physicians, their families, and hospitals through a wide range of programs addressing mental and emotional health issues.


Cumberland Pediatric Foundation

Our vaccine rebate program, in partnership with Cumberland Pediatric Foundation, provides direct savings to TMA Member practices, physicians or clinics that offer adult or childhood immunizations, flu shots or other vaccines.


Pathgroup provides comprehensive anatomic, clinical and molecular pathology services. The physician-centric company is designed to work seamlessly with medical practices and provide direct consultation when needed.


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