Upcoming Events

Doctor of the Day
Serve as the face of medicine on Capitol Hill throughout session.
TMA Leadership Elections

Elections will begin on Feb. 1 and end on Feb. 28 at 5:00 pm CST.

Doctors’ Day on the Hill

Our annual policy briefing and lobby day in Nashville connects physicians directly with lawmakers.

House of Delegates

Our House of Delegates Annual Meeting and the TMA Annual Meeting will be held in Nashville.


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Top Advocacy Issues & Updates

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2021 Legislation

From one-off issues to complex and encompassing bills, our advocacy team aims to shape the output of the 112th General Assembly.

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Scope of Practice

TMA leads the perennial fight to keep Tennessee physicians supervising patient care and to prevent inappropriate scope of practice expansion by mid-level healthcare providers.

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Balance Billing

Protecting physicians’ rights to choose how they practice and get paid appropriately for services they provide without patients suffering surprise medical billing from insurers.

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Our work spans from Federal and state Prescriber laws, to member-only guidance, including our cautionary Doctor Shopping Guide.

As physicians, it’s clear we don’t drive the healthcare car, but maybe we will be able to argue for the passenger seat up front instead of being kidnapped in the trunk. TMA can help us.

Scott Huitink, MD
Gallatin pediatrician

Thank you to the Tennessee Medical Association for standing tall and supporting us when no one else would.

Wm. MacMillan Rodney, MD
North Memphis, Family Medicine and Obstetrics