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The Tennessee Medical Association is a nonprofit advocacy organization representing Tennessee physicians. We advocate for policies, laws and rules that promote healthcare safety and quality for all Tennesseans and improve the non-clinical aspects of practicing medicine.


TMA operates at the behest of the House of Delegates, the governing body and deliberative forum for the association. Physicians serving on the House meet annually to debate and ratify policies affecting the practice of medicine in Tennessee, and patient health. 

The TMA Board of Trustees, a 15-member panel of physicians elected by their member colleagues, is responsible for the direction and implementation of Association activities between sessions of the House of Delegates. The Board assigns work to appropriate volunteer committees, and TMA staff, who carry out the work of organized medicine on a day-to-basis.

Board of Trustees


Constitution and Bylaws

To improve the quality of medical practice for physicians and the quality of healthcare for patients by influencing policies, laws, and rules that affect healthcare delivery in Tennessee.

To be the most influential advocate for Tennessee physicians in the relentless pursuit of the best possible healthcare environment.

Core Values

  1. We exist to support Tennessee physicians.

  2. We advocate for patients.

  3. We must be well funded and fundamentally sound to carry out our mission.

Career Opportunities
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