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Group Memberships

The TMA is a good investment for physician group practices, hospitals and other physician employers because it allows more physicians to participate in and directly influence how medicine is regulated at the state and national levels.

We fill a unique role that benefits both the physician and his or her group or employer, taking on the big issues to help physician excel in the workplace.

We all win when we work together.

Group/Employer Benefits

  • CEOs of our group members get a seat on our TMA Advisory Panel to consult with the TMA President, Board Chair and CEO regularly on issues impacting medicine in Tennessee.

  • Different groups and other entities use the TMA to connect and strategize on issues of mutual interest.

  • Physicians can get directly involved in issues that may otherwise be seen as self-serving, such as reimbursement and scope of practices issues.

  • TMA can address issues that a hospital or health system may not feel is a priority but is high priority to practicing, licensed doctors.

  • TMA helps physicians become better doctors – and better employees – through leadership and professional development programs that are focused on high-quality, low cost, team-based healthcare delivery models.

  • Members can gain valuable experience through the TMA that will help them pursue leadership positions within the hospital, or elsewhere in their careers.  

  • Alignment with TMA on public health issues helps a group’s professional image, and industry and government relations.

  • Group leaders receive dedicated time and attention, as needed, to coordinate and collaborate with TMA legal and legislative staff on issues affecting their practice.

  • All physicians in a group membership are considered members of the TMA and their corresponding component medical society and are granted full access to the websites, email newsletters and magazines, polls and surveys, legal reference material, online education and TMA staff resources.

  • Staff members in groups can contact TMA on behalf of their physicians.

  • Doctors have access to additional professional resources and social networking outside of their group, if they wish.  

What is the value?

Let us show you the real value of a TMA membership.


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Anjanette Eash
Membership Manager