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So many things outside your practice directly affect your work and livelihood as a doctor. If you want a say in what is happening to your profession today and how it looks tomorrow, then join with other physicians in a strong, unified voice.

TMA is that voice. We are the only organization representing all Tennessee doctors, and the only organization with the clout to successfully influence laws, rules and regulations that determine how healthcare is delivered in Tennessee. 

Need a reason to support TMA? Learn more about how we established Tennessee's tort reform


Independent Physicians

TMA serves all independent physicians in Tennessee, regardless of location or specialty. We fight for your professional interests in multiple arenas and support members with valuable resources you can’t get anywhere else.

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Group Practices

No matter your practice's size, TMA is a strategic investment for both small and large physician group practices that want to participate in and directly influence how medicine is regulated at the state and national levels.

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Employed Physicians

There are many benefits to practicing in an employed environment, but a lot also happens outside your organization that affects your job every day. TMA will help you stay informed about the political and business sides of medicine.

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TMA is the strategic partner you need to bridge the gap with your physicians. We can empower your physicians and staff to lead improvements in quality, efficiency and other key metrics to directly influence your practice's bottom line.

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Medical Students and Residents

Join TMA to take advantage of everything membership offers, including a voice in organized medicine, peer-to-peer networking, advocacy and representation and scholarships opportunities. Get the inside scoop on issues affecting the medical industry and help shape medical policy and influence state laws and regulations that will determine the future of medicine.

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What Our Members Are Saying


As physicians, it’s clear we don’t drive the healthcare car, but maybe we will be able to argue for the passenger seat up front instead of being kidnapped in the trunk. TMA can help us.


Scott Huitink, MD - Gallatin pediatrician

Thank you to the Tennessee Medical Association for standing tall and supporting us when no one else would.


Wm. MacMillan Rodney, MD - North Memphis, Family Medicine and Obstetrics
Dr. Rodney and more than 100 primary care doctors in Tennessee avoided unfair medical recoupments, thanks to TMA's advocacy efforts.

IS YOUR VOICE BEING HEARD? Join TMA so we can support you.