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Tennessee Health Facilities Commission Seeks Board Nominees

March 12, 2024


The Tennessee Health Facilities Commission (formerly Health Services and Development Agency) is soliciting nominees for new board members to be appointed. This is the state agency under the aegis of the Tennessee Department of Health that considers applications for certificates of need for health care facilities.

The board is being consolidated effective July 1, 2024 and new members need to be appointed. There are two physician seats, one appointed by Speaker Sexton, and another by Lt. Gov. McNally. The terms are three years long and members are eligible to serve as many terms as they are appointed for. 
The consolidated board will hear not only CON applications but licensure issues as well. 
The HFC meets on the fourth Wednesday of each month in Nashville to consider Certificate of Need (CON) applications for various health care projects. Potential applicants should be aware that they would be disallowed from participating in the consideration of any projects in which they have either a direct or indirect interest.

Interested applicants may submit a CV  by March 28 to Amy Campoli at