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  2. TFQPH Awarded Opioid Abatement Council Community Grant

TFQPH Awarded Opioid Abatement Council Community Grant


NASHVILLE, TENN - The Tennessee Medical Association's (TMA) 501c3 organization, the Tennessee Foundation for Quality Patient Healthcare (TFQPH), is a recipient of an Opioid Abatement Council (OAC) Community Grant. With this funding, a new education course will be created for Tennessee prescribers. 

At the March 18, 2024 meeting of the OAC, TFQPH was awarded a three-year grant for $1,508,906. TFQPH is among several grant recipients who share the same goal of battling opioid disorders throughout Tennessee.

TMA continues to keep prescriber education and the opioid crisis in Tennessee as a top priority. With this grant, TFQPH and TMA will use the Ingram Institute Lab model to train a Task Force in leadership change management combined with instructional systems designed to create a new prescriber course for the state.

This program will:

  • meet the state’s licensure board’s requirements for two hours of prescriber education
  • be created by those on the front lines of this epidemic providing care for Tennesseans, and 
  • be provided at no charge for Tennessee prescribers

To learn more about the grant, view the full press release from the OAC here

Contact TMA's education department at to learn more or express your interest in being nominated to serve as a part of the Task Force, which will spearhead this effort.