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Thank you for taking the time to renew your membership with the Tennessee Medical Association and your component medical society.

Tennessee physicians' continued support is vital to our organization's mission, and we remain grateful for your dedication to organized medicine in our state. Please contact us anytime with questions about your membership.

We will continue to provide members with valuable resources and networking opportunities throughout the year.

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Ann Anderson
TMA Membership Renewals


TMA Member Resources

  • Government affairs – TMA lobbyists carry physicians’ message with the lawmakers on Capitol Hill who control statewide healthcare policies. TMA was recently named the most influential advocacy organization on Capitol Hill

  • Regulatory and judicial advocacy – TMA amplifies doctors’ positions when state agencies make important regulatory decisions, and when court cases impact physicians and their practices. 

  • Insurance advocacy – TMA stands up against payers’ unfair business practices and helps members resolve administrative or payment disputes.  

  • Legal resources – TMA’s in-house healthcare attorneys help members interpret and remain compliant with ever-changing healthcare laws at the state and federal levels. 

  • TMA PAC – TMA’s political action committee helps build good legislative relationships by supporting candidates who support doctors.